Top 10 Brands Who Have Used “The Rahul Bose Moment” As Their Marketing Campaign

If you are not aware of The Rahul Bose moment then maybe you were sleeping all this time. JW Marriott, Chandigarh billed 2 bananas for 442 to Rahul Bose and they forget that GST is not charged over fresh fruits and vegetables. Rahul Bose in return made a video and posted it on his Twitter account. JW Marriott was heavily trolled on social media platforms by various people, celebrities and brands. Brands utilized this golden opportunity as their Marketing strategy. Not only these brands did good marketing but trolled JW Marriott in the best way possible. Let’s see how these brands used “The Rahul Bose Moment”.

10. Nature’s Basket

rahul bose banana moment campaign1

Nature’s Basket tweeted that “With us, you will always get your bananas at prices you will love. Plus they claimed that they offer two bananas in just 14.

9. Reliance Smart

rahul bose banana moment campaign 2

You just can’t miss Reliance SMART tweet as they mentioned “ITNE ME ITNAAAAAA MILTA HAI! By stating a normal fact that in 442 a person can have lots of bananas, they actually captured the reader’s mind plus marketed their brand in an interesting way.

8. Pizza Hunt

rahul bose banana moment campaign 3

Pizza Hut never fails to come up with great marketing strategies. And the way they trolled JW Marriott is worth noticing. Their caption stole the limelight which was “Eat Pizzas like a Bose”. ARE YOU BANANAS? If you haven’t come across this tweet.

7. Oyo Rooms

rahul bose banana moment campaign 4

Oyo deals in the same business as JW Marriott and they used this golden opportunity in the best way. They mentioned that “Don’t Slip!! For  442, you can get a whole room.

6. Bikaji Foods

rahul bose banana moment campaign 5

Bikaji Foods deals in food items packaged as well as freshly cooked. They also entered in this trolling session of JW Marriott. Their tweet displayed that Selling bananas at 442 is monkey business rather than have a banana chips combo at 70 only.

5. &Flix

rahul bose banana moment campaign 6

&Flix is a movie channel from Zee Channel Entertainment Enterprises. They simply told the audience that “What they can get in 442?” and with that, they wrote a list which actually costs cheaper than 442. So, a person can also save 262 for popcorns. This is actually hilarious.

4. Safal Stores

rahul bose banana moment campaign 7

Being the largest retail chain of fresh fruits and vegetables in Delhi. They just can’t sit like that when the two fresh bananas are the talk of the town. Safe Stores tweeted “There’s no going bananas with us. Freshest bananas only at 36/kg.” Safal Stores can’t keep calm when bananas are in the news.

3. Policy Bazaar

rahul bose banana moment campaign 8

At the cost of 2 bananas, you can protect your family from the lemons that life might give. Policy Bazaar came up with the best and the most logical troll of the season. Policy Bazaar actually provides many insurance plans starting from 400.

2. Amazon Prime Video

rahul bose banana moment campaign 9

Amazon marketing campaign was the most visible tweet on the banana moment. In 442  one person can get a 3 months subscription of amazon and plus 55 saving. The Rahul Bose moment has given us a few amazing and funny marketing examples. Brands actually know how to make use of a current happening as their marketing campaign. These Marketing campaigns actually resulted in an increase in sales and brand awareness.

1. Western Railwayrahul bose banana moment campaign 10

Western Railway came up with a very unique way of marketing. They mentioned in their campaign “Rather than buying 2 bananas at Rs.442, add Rs.3 more and visit a historic place with WR. One can never imagine a Railway’s marketing on a banana issue. Western Railway surprised us.

That’s our Top 10 brands who have used the Rahul Bose banana moment in their marketing campaign. Let’s know in the comments below what you think about this article and what are the other campaigns we have missed. Your feedbacks are valuable to us.

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