Top 10 Android Pie Features You Must Know

Finally, the wait is over. Google released their latest Android operating system i.e, Android Pie, like all the other Android versions they gave it name on a desert. It always brings so much excitement to the tech community with the release of the latest version. Every year brings some new changes in the software to move towards the future and this year is no different at all. Pixel users will get their hands on the Android Pie first and others have to wait for a little longer. It depends on the manufacturers how they update their smartphones. Well, let’s see what this time Google brings to the table with Android Pie. Here, are the Top 10 Android Pie features you must know.

10. Support For Notch

support to notch top10khoj

In 2018, you can easily see to trend of smartphones having notches in their display. Some people like it and some not. Some of the measures LG G7 Thinq, Oneplus 6, Huawei Mate 10 Pro and more have to notch in their display. To deal with this Google started special support for the display which got notch. It was released early in the developer preview for the developers to build apps for the phones which has a notch. There are also rumors that the newer Pixel 3 will come with a notch in the display. There are few leaks of the prototype of Pixel 3 which shows a notch in the display.

9. Dual Camera API

dual camera api support top10khoj

Most of the smartphone manufactures putting Dual camera setup on the smartphone for better photographers except Google, at least for now. Because there are some leaks also shows a Dual front facing the camera for Pixel 3. So, maybe they are making changes in the software according to their needs for Pixel 3 but still, it’s a welcome change for other manufacturers also. Now by using these API’s they can get better performance in the camera department.

8. At A Glance

at a glance top10khojImage Credit: Android Central

Most of the smartphone manufacturers use Ambient as a secondary display to show notifications and other information without unlocking your phone. Especially this Ambient display looks gorgeous with OLED displays because of their deep blacks. In Android Pie, you can also some changes in the Ambient display. Now it shows you more information like weather details, events from the calendar, battery charge etc. In short, it picks details from your home screen at a glance and displays it in the Ambient display.

7. Privacy Improvements

privacy improvements top10khojImage Credit: Android Central

One of the biggest concerns of the industry right now is user’s privacy because there is a lot going on with the privacy policy. How the developers use your data that like the Facebook Data Scandal. And previously Android got a very reputation that their privacy may be because of being open source. But in this latest Android Pie update they are getting privacy very seriously. In this latest privacy update, apps can no longer use microphones and camera in the background process and there is also a new quick lockdown mode. It will lock your smartphone and requires a pin, not a fingerprint to unlock your phone.

6. Screenshot Markup

screenshot markup top10khoj

This is very a welcoming feature in Android Pie. Previously it’s really frustrating for the person who uses the Screenshots more. Because if you want to make any changes in the Screenshots you’ll have to go to Photos app and edit it from there. In this latest version, you can now directly crop and markup on your Screenshot without going into any app.

5. New Volume Controller and Dark Theme

volume controller top10khojImage Credit: Android Central

Android Pie also brings the volume controller. Previously it was in the notification area which was not easy to reach especially in the phones which have big displays. Now this volume controller to the right side in the corner for Pixel devices. And now also controls media volume by default. The positioning of the volume controller may differ from different manufacturers because of the phones have volume control button on the left side.

dark theme android pie top10khoj

First, this dark theme is introduced in Pixel phone. But this automatically adjustable means it changes according to the wallpaper if it is light it turns into the light theme and if it is dark it turns into the dark theme. But now in Android Pie, you can choose whichever theme you want to use as per your preferences.

4. Digital Wellbeing

digital wellbeing android p top10khoj

This Digital Wellbeing feature is announced this year in Google I/O. In this feature, you get to know about all your activities which you do on your phone. Like how much time you have spent on your phone, how much time you have spent on a specific app like Instagram. Well, this happens to everyone, we opened our Instagram just to take a glance and ended up using for hours. In this new feature, you can set your time limit for a specific app and once the time reaches it will close automatically. Currently officially version of Android Pie doesn’t get this feature but you can download the beta version.

3. Adaptive Battery and Brightness

adaptive battery android p top10khojImage Credit: Android Central

AI is the one thing in smartphone industries, which everyone is using differently. Like LG uses in its Camera app to detect the object and generate better colors. Android is also implementing this AI in its latest Android Pie update.

We all use over phones in a certain manner like our everyday use apps and the apps which we only use once. But what happens is that the apps still run in the background and use your battery and data connection. The Adaptive battery uses AI to learn which apps you use least and strict its background. It will result in the longer battery life.

adaptive brightness top10khoj

Same as like in Adaptive Brightness. Through AI it automatically learns how much brightness percent you use in which kind of lightening condition and adjust it according.

2. New UI Changes

new ui changes android p top10khojImage Credit: Android Central

Google continues its material design language with Android Pie. Now quick toggles are more sharp and rounded and there is a new color scheme in the settings menu. There is a lot of new animations also introduced in this version which better to experience like the notification pop-ups and more. New suggested actions are also available in the notification area. Like if you get a message from your friend asking for dinner? It will suggest you reply in the notification area and also show you piece of conversation and images. Notifications are more rounded now for Pixel devices and it will also be going to be exciting how the other manufacturer will put their taste in the Pie.

1. Gesture Navigation

gesture navigation android p top10khojImage Credit: Android Central

One of the biggest change you can see in Android Pie is gesture navigation. You can still choose those old buttons but Google is moving in this direction only, so, better get used to it. These gesture navigations are not by default in all the devices except Pixel. You can go to Settings -> System -> Gestures -> Swipe up on Home Button then click the toggle to turn it on.

It’s newer to interact with your Android devices. In these new gesture system, you can swipe up for the recent menu and swipe one more time will open the application tray. You can also quickly switch between the different apps by just swiping right. There is still one small tiny back button which appears when using apps to navigate.

new recent app menu top10khojImage Credit: Android Central

These are the best Android Pie features you know. What thinks of this newer update from Google? Is it good enough to compete with its rival which is obviously Apple or the Google leading ahead of them? Let us know in the comment below. And also, let’s us know how you liked our article. Your feedback is valuable to us.

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