Top 10 Best Android Casual Games Must Checkout

Everyone has a smartphone in their pocket Nowadays, which they use for all the things in their life. These smartphones have become a very crucial part of our life. We’ll do all sort of things from these. From productivity, photography, entertainment, and playing games, which can not be done on a phone. Playing games on a smartphone is fun because it is easy to access and portable. But not everyone is a hardcore gamer, who likes to play strategic and shooting games like PUBG, Fortnite, GTA San Andreas, etc. Sometimes they just want to play games like time-pass. So, we have shortlisted some of the Best Android Casual Games which you can play anywhere with very ease. Let’s check out Top 10 Best Android Casual Games.

10. Rush

rush games

Rush is an endless running game where the player controls a ball game in their way. To make the game different from the other running games. They designed the running track very differently. It’s not like an old and simple running track with few obstacles. There is a whole roller coaster track in which the ball runs. It rotates all the way around and makes things difficult to dose the obstacles. Design and the color of the track are very unique and give you a very new experience. The gameplay is simple you’ll just have to cross the obstacles to continuing the game. It’s a fun game with colorful graphics give a try.

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9. Snake vs Block

snake vs block games

If you use Instagram then you must have seen an ad for this game. It is an easy game to play but hard to master. You are going to control a snake and increasing its size by picking balls of different numbers in the game. It’s an endless running game which you have to cross by passing different blocks in your way. Crossing blocks are the tricky part of the game. There are different numbers written in the different blocks when you cross that block your snake will reduce by that number for example if there is a block of 12 and your snake is of 10 then 2 will remain after that and you’ll get points for that. If the condition is vice-versa your game will get over. It’s really fun to play.

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8. Smash Hit

smash hit game 1

smash hit games 2

smash hit game 3

Smash hit is an endless running game. But it’s a little bit different comparing to other endless running game. Here you have to destroy the obstacles by hitting balls and the trick is you’ll only get the limited amount of balls. To earn more balls you have to destroy the crystals in your way. For hitting one crystal you’ll get three balls. So, while playing this game don’t forget to hit these crystals. As the game proceeds further speed of the game also get increase and become difficult to hit the balls. For every missing hit obstacles, you’ll lose 10 balls. When all the balls end your game will get over. Sound and the graphics of the game will give you the pleasure to play.

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7. Tricky Test 2

tricky games

Tricky is a very interesting game to play. Either it will excite you or irritates you. It’s a puzzle solving the game. As you solve the puzzle in the game you’ll move forward. Again sounds simple right? then you are very wrong here. Puzzles are not so simple at all. Developers have put all their mind to make you go crazy while solving these puzzles. Sometimes it’s simple and one tap to solve puzzles and other times you’ll find yourself hitting your head against the wall. For making things a little easy for you they have given clue to solve these puzzles but you have to pay coins to unlock these clues and solutions as well. Puzzles are very creative and fun to solve. This is one of the best puzzle game in our Android casual games list. If you are looking for a new kind of puzzle game must give a try.

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6. Color Switch

color switch game

This is one of the popular game in our Android casual games list. Color Switch is a very simple and fun game and also very frustrating sometimes. It is one of the most popular casual game. It also becomes one of the fastest game to reach 50 million downloads in the App store history. The gameplay is very simple but it still a little tricky. For mastering this game you just need one thing that is PATIENCE.

It’s a one tap game. You have to tap to move the ball further. There will be multicolored geometric obstacles will in your way which you have to cross by matching the same color as the ball. You need to tap softer to wait for the color to change as per your ball color and tap harder to cross the obstacles. There are 6 game modes and 25 different levels to cross. It is one of the best game for passing your time without much using your brain.

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5. 2048

2048 game

2048 is a math puzzle game. It’s enjoyable and learning game for kids and an addictive one for adults. It doesn’t need much math skills because you are just going to slide the tiles to match the same numbers. Sounds easy right? but it is not. You need strategic planning before making your moves. You have to match all the numbers to reach the magical figure 2048. Sounds simple again but it definitely needs a lot of practice to achieve that figure. There are different modes in the game like tiny, classic, big, bigger, and huge. In each mode, you’ll get different rows and columns to play with. Must give a try if you are looking for fun and learning as well.

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4. Brain dots

brain dots games

brain dots game

brain dots game

Brain dots is a very interesting game. As the title suggests you have to use your brain here but not for solving puzzles. The whole game is all about matching two balls in the game. Balls will be situated in different locations in the game. You’ll have to draw lines to match these balls. Developers have given all the freedom to the players to use their imagination. You can draw any kind of shapes you want. Your goal just has to match the two balls. Not very simple as it sounds. Levels will get difficult as you progress in the game. There are 147 levels to achieve victory in the game. This is one of the best brain games in our Android casual games list. If you like to use your brain and imagination while playing a game then it’s a must try for you.

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3. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey game

Alto's Odyssey game 1

Alto’s Odyssey is a sand skating game. As the games name, Odyssey means a long wandering and eventful journey. So, Alto starts his journey on a skateboard on the sand and cross different obstacles in its way. It’s very simple and eye-catching game. Background of the game is designed beautifully with lots of detail. Surrounding of the game changes with different conditions like player experience a normal sunny day with lots of bright atmospheres, the night with moons and starts tinkling, thunderstorms, and cyclones, etc. These conditions change the difficulty level of the game. Controls are very simple. Touch ones to jump and hold to perform stunts. As many flip stunts, you perform as many points you get. It’s an endless running game if you don’t fall off the hills and hit the rock block on your way.

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2. Leo’s Fortune

leo's fortune games

leo's fortune game 1

Leo’s Fortune another beautifully designed by developers. They have done a very great job with the small detailing in the game from the background to the design of the forest. Leo was a very rich and fortune guy but some thieves stole his fortune and separate around on the ways. So, he collects all the coins in his way. The character Leo is designed very nice and looks very eye catching with his mustache. There 24 levels in the game and it’s various difficult obstacles will surprise you time to time. It’s not easy to cross those obstacles in one go. You have to use your mind and little understanding of physics (not like Newton’s and Einstein’s law) to pass these obstacles. The gameplay is very intuitive and deserves a try.

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1. Badland: Game Of The Year Edition

badland games1

badland games 2

badland games 3

Badland: Game Of The Year Edition is a little old but still wins the heart of many gamers around the world. Everyone plays it once and always return back to the game after some time because of its simple and beautiful experience. The game is designed very creatively. Floppy is the character which the player will control and cross all the various traps and obstacles in its way. The whole forest is designed beautifully and it will amaze you time to time as you proceed in the game further. It’s a side-scrolling game so you have to move fast and solve the puzzle to find your way. If you get late and unable to cross it before the screen scrolled your game will get over. This game is on the Top of our Android casual games. It’s a must try for every type of gamers.

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So, what you think about our Top 10 Android casual games list? Are we missing any popular on our list? Let us know in the comment below. Also, let us know how you liked our article. Your feedback is valuable to us.

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