CES 2019: Top 10 Amazing Techs To Know About

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is an annual trade show organized by Consumer Technology Association takes place every year at Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Just like every year, this year’s show was full of exciting announcements and prototype which will be going to be shaped on the future. They also showcased some cool futuristic gadgets which were only in our thoughts before. From the ton of announcements, we have shortlisted some of the amazing announcements which are made in the CES 2019. Let’s check out Top 10 Amazing Techs Announced in CES 2019.

10. Window Cleaning Robot

window cleaning robot top10khoj

In the last few years, we have seen many robots which makes our life easier and most comfortable. We all love the giant glass windows in our house or offices because it cools but only when they are clean. Once it get dirt it’s a heck of a task to clean these big windows from outside as well which requires those professional guys. ECOVACS robotics company comes with a very neat solution called Winbot X robot.

winbot image top10khoj

You just need to place these robots on your window and it will do all the work by itself. It creates strong suction with its motors and smart intelligence identifies edges very neatly.

9. Smart Toilet

smart toilet top10khoj

Smart devices are not just limited to our living room or bedroom. Now you can also interact with them in your bathroom. 80% of the persons bring their smartphones in the toilet. In that place, Kohler saw an opportunity and build a smart toilet. Yes, you heard right a smart toilet. This smart toilet has some great features as it opens automatically after sensing a person is standing close and closes automatically once you leave the bathroom. There are also other features like seat temperature control, ambient lighting according to mood, deodorize, flush control and also Alexa voice assistance. Now you can do a lot more of things in your toilet apart from just sitting there and doing what you exact went for.

8. Signature OLED TV R

lg rollable tv top10khoj

Last year LG showcased world’s first rollable TV and this year they have showcased the final version of it called LG Signature OLED TV R and ready to ship to the consumers. It’s a very unique TV set for the persons who are very conscious to make their living room amazing. From the previous version, they have added 100W Dolby Atmos speaker for great sound quality.

lg signature tv top10khoj

Well, this is not for everyone as it’s going to be on the expensive side. But the price you are paying for it you’ll get a future pack TV. It’s smart TV runs on LG webOS and also Amazon Alexa for voice assistance. There is one more mode which LG is calling “Line Mode”. In which you can hide 75% of the TV and a small display will be up which displays your music controls and other smart home electronics which you can directly control from TV.

7. Alienware Area-51m

alienware-area-51m top10khoj

This is a kind of a laptop every gamer dreamed of. We all know gaming laptops are on the expensive side. And you can’t spend that much of money every year for the upgrade. This laptop is the perfect fit for them. You can easily customize its components like CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD which is a big move. Because most of the companies don’t provide upgradable options so that they sell new laptops each year with new upgraded chips.

alienware area 51m open body top10khoj

Not just that there is something more to be excited about this laptop is that it comes with desktop processors which is very easy to upgrade even at home. But there is a catch. Dell is making its own proprietary DGFF cards for GPU. So, it’s not going to available everywhere. It’s going to be interesting to see how this laptop stands in terms of upgradability.

6. ASUS ROG Mothership

ASUS ROG Mothership top10khoj

ASUS ROG Mothership is a lord of the gaming laptop. ROG (Republic of Gamers) is one of the most popular names in making gaming laptops. This year at CES 2019 they have showcased their flagship laptop which in simple words you can say it’s a BEAST. The most interesting part of this laptop is its unique design. You’ll get a little feel of Microsoft Surface in some ways. The best part of this design is that it kept all the heating components vertically which gives more room for fans to cool board. Because heating is the biggest problem in gaming laptops.

asus rog mothership 2 top10khoj

With this thermal solution, they are able to overclock the CPU. It also has a detachable keyboard which you can also connect using USB-C. Let’s talk about the spec sheet. It comes with Intel Core i9-8950HK processor, Nvidia’s RTX 2080, three NVMe SSDs, and up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM. In terms of ports, there are 4 USB-A ports, USB-C Thunderbolt 3 port, a standard USB-C port, HDMI, an SD card slot, and an Ethernet port. It’s going to be available to the consumer somewhere Q1 2019.

5. Samsung GEMS

Samsung GEMS top10khoj

We all know Samsung as a tech company who makes consumer focus products. But that’s not all Samsung is doing. They are also focusing on the healthcare sector by using their advanced technology inventions. They are already using a few products in their hospitals in South Korea. And this year CES 2019 they have unveiled their Samsung GEMS to the world. GEMS stands for Gait Enhancing and Motivating Systems.

It’s an exoskeleton which humans can wear on the body on which they want to focus on. It measures all the details and by AI learning it suggests you what kind of exercise you should do to improve. You can monitor all your progress. Right now they have showcased three various GEMS-H(ips), GEMS-A(nkle), and GEMS-K(nee). They have not mentioned when it’s going to available to end consumers.

4. Daimler Freightliner Cascadia

Daimler Freightliner Cascadia top10khoj

In the last few years, we heard a lot about self-driving cars and few are even rolling on the streets of the countries. But the ambition is not only to make self-driving cars. They are also planning to make self-driving trucks. Tesla one of the major player of high tech cars has announced that they are also working on a self-driving truck but still there is no progress or prototype is showcased yet. But Daimler the parent company of Mercedes Benz is ahead in this game at least for now.

self driving truck image top10khoj

They showcased their first self-driving truck prototype in 2015. And this year in CES they showcased their upcoming Freightliner Cascadia with driver assistance technology. It’s not exactly self-driving. It has level 2 intelligence to assist the driver for the safer ride. It can stick to the right lane, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of it, alerts the driver if anything coming from the blind side, and also reports the authorities in case of emergency. Days are not so far that we’ll see self-driving trucks moving on the streets carrying daily use stuff from one place to another.

3. Impossible Burger 2.0

impossible burger top10khoj

Technology is growing at an incredible pace and not only limited to the products we use. Now we can eat also. Sounds weird right? But it’s true. Impossible Food is a company making it possible now. Previously they have released their first version of the burger. In which instead of using meat or beef they are using plants to give the same taste, smell, and protein which you get by eating meat.

impossible burger image top10khoj

In this updated version, they are able to achieve that same texture and juiciness which you find in meat by adding HEME which is the reason why meats are so juicy. This is really a big step for eliminating the use of animals for our food.

2. Hover Surf Flying Motorcycle

flying motorcycle hover surf image top10khoj

You might have watched some futuristic movies of Hollywood where they show bikes and cars are flying instead of driving normally on road. Well, not fiction anymore. Hover Surf company actually build a flying motorcycle. Sounds crazy right? Doesn’t seem to be used in the near future? Things are ahead of what you are thinking right now.

hover surf motorcycle image top10khoj

They are actually manufacturing these flying motorcycles and Dubai police are also training their officers to fly these motorcycles. The company is saying it’s going to be very helpful to reach somewhere in case of emergency. It can also help to rescue as it can lift two persons. Just imagine the future with this technology. These fictional gadgets which we see in the movies and dream of true to use one day. Well, that day is not that far the friend.

1. Uber Air Taxi

Uber Air Taxi image top10khoj

Imagine you are out somewhere and you took out your phone book a cab. Instead of a regular cab, a hybrid electric power car comes which can fly you from your location to the destination without any traffic. That’s exactly what Bell and Uber are working for. They have built Nexus VTOL aircraft which can carry 5 persons including driver up to 150 miles in a single charge.

uber air taxi image top10khoj

The good thing is that they don’t need to build new landing pads as it can easily land on 40 foot by 40-foot normal landing pads. Bell Aerospace has already produced helicopters like V-22 Osprey and others since the Second World War. They have also partnered with Safran, EPS, Thales, Moog and Garmin to build subsystems for the project. They said by 2023 they’ll start testing the aircraft flights. This is the most futuristic tech showcased this year.

That’s our Top 10 Amazing Techs Showcased in CES 2019. Let us know how you liked our article. Your feedback is valuable to us.

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