Top 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Samsung

In our daily routine, we use several gadgets from many brands for multiple purposes. Using a big brand product gives us a slightly high assured quality and the validity. We use so many different brands and we are not aware that in what all fields these brands have their routes, likewise today we are going to discuss about Samsung, which is a very famous Electronic consumer brand. But Samsung is not limited to Electronics, it has many other fields and you would be shocked after knowing them. There are so many facts about Samsung that how they started their business and how much time they took to dominate the market and took a permanent place in people’s houses. We have answered all these in the latest article of Top 10 facts you didn’t know about Samsung.

10. Initially Starts Differently

Initially Start of Samsung

Most of the companies have a predefined goal from the start but not the same happened with Samsung. In 1938, Lee Byung-Chul, founder of Samsung moved to Daegu City started the first business which was trading under name of Samsung Sanghoe with 40 employees. They sell dried fish, groceries and noodles. They tried their hands in many different businesses and after 20 years they moved to the electronics manufacturing which helped them to become one of the top brands in the world.

9. Secret Behind Brand Name

Samsung logo history

Samsung is a Korean hanja word and when you break it down Sam = 3 and Sung = star which means “tri-star” or “three-star”. Company’s founder said that these three stars stand for “Big”, “Numerous” and “Powerful”. But it’s not just that, these three stars also symbolize three gods of Korean culture which is “Glory”, “Luck” and “Longevity”. You can clearly find three stars in Samsung’s all old logo’s. In the 55th anniversary of Samsung, they changed their logo and still continuing the same.

8. Start Of An Era

top10khoj samsung first tv

In 1970, when Samsung enters in the electronics field, it was the sign that it is the start of something big for the world. That same year Samsung launched their first P-3202 black and white Television. Korean consumers really embrace the product and by 1976 they sold one million Television units in Korea. It was the kind of start they were looking for and from then Samsung never looked back. Today, Samsung is the top company in the unit sales of Television. Samsung sells 100 Tv sets every single minute which is nearly 2 Tv sets per second.

7. Second Largest Chip Manufacture

Samsung chip manufacturer

With all their dedication to achieve excellence in every field, they started investing more in the research and development of technology because they knew what is the requirement of the future. In 1993, Samsung became the largest chip manufacturer in the world. They were making chips for all kind of electronic devices. Even “Apple” uses the chips manufactured by Samsung. Apple’s A9 chip which they used in iPhone 6s was manufactured by Samsung.

6. Samsung’s Best Selling Phone.

Samsung's Best Selling Phone.

Samsung overtook “Nokia” and became the largest mobile phone manufacturing company in the world in terms of sales. You might get shocked but the E1100 is the best selling phone for Samsung. They sold 150 million units of it. If we compare it to the current generation smartphone of Samsung S8 and Note 8, they sold only 40 million units of both and sells is going down as newer version launch.

5. Samsung’s Contribution To South Korea’s GDP

Samsung's Contribution To South Korea's GDP

In the rest of the world, Samsung is more popular for their smartphones and televisions but the story is completely different inside its home country. Samsung Group is responsible for South Korea’s 17% GDP. If you call it “The Republic of Samsung” it is not wrong. In South Korea, they born in Samsung owned medical center, grow up learning in Samsung Tablet, drinks a cold drink from Samsung Refrigerator, watching Samsung Television, sitting in Samsung made apartments, shopping using Samsung smartphones and pay through Samsung credit cards.

4. Biggest Ship Builders

samsung Biggest Ship Builders

‘Samsung Heavy Industries’ subsidiary of Samsung Group is one of the largest shipbuilders in the world and also in the list of Big Three shipbuilders including Hyundai and Daewoo. Its shipbuilding center is situated in 400,000,000 sq ft. To give you much clearer idea, it’s equal to 5,204 full-size football fields. And not just the huge ship projects, Samsung deals in manufacturing large cranes, large engineering and construction projects.

3. Deadly Tanks Manufacturer

samsung k9 thunder

This is one of the interesting facts you didn’t know Samsung. They are not only in the areas of electronics and construction, but they also manufacture huge weapons for the military forces. ‘Samsung Techwin’ also one of the subsidiaries of Samsung Group built the K9 Thunder Tank for the Korean armed forces. This is one of the most powerful tanks in the Korean military. To give you little idea of its power, it can projectile aim and shoot up to 40 km of distance.

Samsung SGR-A1 is a type of sentry gun, in simple words robotic machine gun is also developed by Samsung Techwin. It is a system integrated robot which can perform surveillance, tracking, firing, and voice-recognition. And also it automatically identifies the target and shoots up to 3.2 km.

2. Samsung Have Largest Employees In The World

samsung digital city

Samsung is the 10th most valuable brands in the world. And when you look at the Samsung group as a whole. there are a number of companies in it and in many different businesses, some of that you can’t even think of. And also Samsung has the largest employees of 489,000(2014) in the Group, more than Apple, Google and Microsoft all combined.

You must be heard of Steve Jobs spaceship space of Apple’s headquarters vision. Kind of something same Samsung already done it named Samsung City which is on 389 acres. There are three very tall buildings and 131 small buildings in the Samsung City where over 35,000 people come to work daily.

1. Manufacturer Of Tallest Building In The World

burj khalifa built by samsung Facts You Didn't Know About Samsung

Burj Khalifa the world’s tallest building in the world built by ‘Samsung C&T Corporation’ subsidiary of Samsung Group. After 11-months of the bid process, Samsung grabbed it at $306m. Construction began on 6 January 2004 and building officially opened on 4 January 2010.

Petronas Towers also known as the Petronas Twin Towers are twin skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia also built by ‘Samsung C&T Corporation’. They were the tallest building in the world from 1998 to 2004 but still remain the tallest twin towers in the world.

That’s our Top 10 facts you didn’t know about Samsung. Let us know how you liked our article. Your feedbacks are valuable to us.

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