Top 10 iPhone Tricks You Wish You Know Before

Apple doesn’t offer you much customize options like Android in which you can do a lot. But it doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do about it. There are a few iPhone tricks which are hidden deep in the system and you didn’t know about it. Even sometimes it always in front of you. In WWDC 2018, Apple also announced there latest iOS 12. For the latest iOS12 iPhone tricks we will cover in the future article. For now, there are many but we have shortlisted some of the best iPhone tricks which can change your user experience. Here, are the Top 10 iPhone tricks you wish you know before.

10. Rest Finger To Open

rest finger to open top10khoj

Using a fingerprint scanner to unlock is really great. But it is not a one-step process. First, you need to unlock your iPhone and then need to tap the fingerprint scanner. There is an iPhone trick to unlock just resting your finger on fingerprint scanner like it was before in iOS9. Just go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Home Button and turn on the Rest Finger to Open. You can also adjust its speed.

9. Youtube Playback

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Youtube is one of the major sources of entertainment. Watching videos is fine but sometimes you want to listen to music or the podcast. For that, you have to keep your Youtube app open and can’t use other functionality while listening. No worries there is a solution for that. This iPhone trick is always in front you but you never thought of it. Just open your Safari app browser youtube. Open your video which you want to play. Then press the home button. And Done. Now you can control your music via the control center. And you can also lock your phone.

8. Share Hotspot Without Telling Password

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Sharing Hotspot is a really cool but sharing password is not. That other person can use it later without telling you. And also not everyone likes to share their password, Right? This handy iPhone trick will help you a lot. Whenever anyone asking for your Hotspot. Just go to Settings -> Personal Hotspot and turn it on and stay there. When other person tries to connect to your Hotspot a dialog box opens in your iPhone asking for granting access and done. The person can use your Hotspot for that time only.

7. Tweak Your Speakers


First of all, iPhone speakers are really good for media consumption. It produces the proper amount of high, mid and low frequency, and also produces rich bass sound compared to other smartphones out there. But everyone knows that Apple doesn’t give you many options to customize your iPhone.

But there are hidden iPhone tricks which you can use to enhance your audio experience. Just go to Settings -> Music ->EQ. You can choose from plenty of modes as per liking. Here is an extra tip. Even there is a Loudness profile is available. Instead of that choose Late Night. It compresses the dynamic range and makes it significantly louder.

6. Stop Playing Timer

stop playing music iphone top10khoj

This trick is for the music lovers who listen to music all the time. And also loves to hear music while sleeping. But what happens is you fall asleep and your music played for all night. And the morning when you wake you find your phone’s battery dead or even you skip your morning alarm. It happens many times for everyone. This iPhone trick will help you to save your phone’s battery to die before you wake up.

Go to the Clock app and click on the Timer. Set your timer for long you want to listen to your music and click on When Timer Ends and scroll to the bottom. There you find an option called “Stop Playing” select the option and you are good to go. Now you can enjoy your music without any worries.

5. Announce Phone Callsannounce calls iphone top10khoj

Nowadays every third person owns a smartphone but it doesn’t seem like everyone is using it smartly. And for the Apple users, this bar is even higher. Not everyone is going to agree but it’s true. You can’t make your iPhone work as Iron man’s assistant “Jarvis” but it can do few tricks. This iPhone trick will change to way you receive your calls. Especially, when your phone is not within your reach. Go to Settings -> Phone -> Announce Calls. You can set as per your preferences like when you hear this. It will tell what type of call it is and from whom.

4. Fix Siri’s Pronunciation

Voice assistant is the next big thing in technology. Many companies are trying hard to get it right but it will take some time to be perfect. Apple has its own personal assistant name “Siri”. Which is Okay okay !!! we know it is not as good as Google’s Assistant but who’s gonna argue with Apple fans. So, let them be happy here.

Siri can perform many good things like setting alarm, check for weather and news, and find contacts, etc. But it always struggles while taking names, Right? Apple already took care of this issue but you didn’t know about it. For that, just open Siri and say “Hey Siri, show contact”, followed with the name which you want to see. Then say “Hey Siri, you pronounced it wrong “. It will ask you how to pronounce it by generating different pronunciations of the same word. Choose the one you like. You can also do that same for your name.

3. Guided Access

guided access iPhone top10khoj

Everyone has that friend who asked for your phone to do something and start scrolling your personal stuff. First of all, you shouldn’t do that in the first place, it’s very annoying. And there are some places where you can’t say no to another person, for example, you are in your office and your colleagues ask to use your phone to make a call. Things are okay this far but what if opens the photos app start seeing your personal photos which you obviously don’t want anyone to look at.

Well, this iPhone trick is a life saver for you. Just go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility then scroll all the way to the bottom where you find an option called Guided Access. Set your passcode and turn on the Accessibility Shortcuts option. Now you can go to any application and tap your home button three times. A dialog box will open. Turn Guided Access on from there. Now your iPhone will be stuck on the same application till you disable it through a passcode. In addition, you can also set a timer for how long it is to be used. And you can also mark the area which you don’t want others to access.

2. Shake To Undo

Writing the text in your iPhone is fun but sometimes it is painful also. Especially if you have big figures and you accidentally touch the other words. The delete button is available there but it also annoys when it deletes some other words accidentally. Well, this iPhone trick is a relief for you. There is a “shake to undo” feature available, which is enabled by default.

So, next time when you want to delete any words just shake your phone. A dialog box will appear. You can undo from there. And if you don’t like the changes, then again shake your phone and a dialog will appear to redo it. If you are accidentally triggering this feature and don’t want to use it. You can disable it by going to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Shake to Undo then turn it off.



1. Text Shortcuts

In our daily, we use the same kind of phrases, responses, and questions many times. But it always takes time to write the whole phrase or sentence again and again. Here where keyboards prediction features help. But there is one cool iPhone trick that makes you write those phrases just clicking a few buttons.

You must have heard of text shortcuts and you even have seen when you type “omg” on your keyboard it shows you “Oh my god” for replacement. But you didn’t know that you can add your own custom text shortcuts. Just go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Text Replacement then click on “+” button. There you can add your own custom phrase like in “aa” shortcut you can add your home’s address.

What do you think about these iPhone tricks? Are these useful ? or Are we missing any useful one? Let us know in the comment below. Also, let us know you liked our article Top 10 iPhone tricks. Your feedback is valuable to us.

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