Top 10 Facts You Must Know About Avengers : Infinity War

Still few more hours are left for the release of one of the most anticipated comic movie of all times. If you are a marvel fan, believe us! we know the urge to know how our universal Marvel Heroes going to defend our earth from the universe’s mighty and most feared and powerful villain of all times. We still have some time to kill, so let’s get some of the known and unknown facts straight before we watch the best movie of our lifetime. Here are the Top 10 facts about infinity war.

10. Thanos

“The entire time I knew him, he only ever had one goal. To wipe out half the universe! If he gets all the infinity stones, he can do it with a snap of his fingers”-terrified Gamora. Stark asks her “Tell me his name again? Avengers: Infinity War trailer shows the true extent of Thanos menace. Who is that purple gentleman and why is he grinning? – The name is “Thanos”, he is a member of a cosmic race known as The Eternals, but he is born “misshapen and monstrous” compared to the rest of beauteous people of his race. Perhaps every villain will have a story behind them, but Why? What’s the story behind Thanos? Let’s explore that

thanos top10khoj

The end is near; when I’m done, half of humanity will still exist. Perfectly balanced!”- Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War trailer tells his plans for the human race. Why only half? Why not the whole of Humanity? He’s from a planet called TITAN. Many years prior to the film his planet was experiencing a cataclysmic shift. They were running out of resources, and they were overpopulated. Thanos made a recommendation that they exterminate half the population randomly in order to save the rest of the population. Of course, the Titans rejected his notion, branded him a madman, exiled him, and the planet ended up dying.

So he has taken it upon himself to go planet-by-planet throughout the universe and wipe out half of the population of each planet as a way to correct the planet and bring it back into balance. One of the top 5 cannot be beaten villain enters our Earth with ruthless motive and what are they going to do about it? – Our mightiest Avengers.

9. Gamora and Nebula

We have seen Gamora and Nebula always fighting and throwing punches at each other, both verbally and physically in Guardians of the Galaxy movies. We also saw that kind of things in reality, where there two competitor sisters in a home, LoL!! Yeah, you guessed it right! Gamora and Nebula are adopted daughters of Thanos. In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, we came to know that Thanos used to collect powerful warriors from the world’s he conquered.

These two sisters also belong to his collection of warriors along with other adapted warrior siblings. Thanos though believed in the perfect balance in everything. He used to conduct a brutal competition to all the warriors and the last survivors become his ”children”. Nebula who hated all other adopted siblings, she grew a genuine bond with Gamora to a point they started to consider each other as true sisters.

gamora n nebula top10khoj

But Thanos had plans for them; he regularly had Nebula spar with Gamora to test their strengths. Gamora winning every match, Thanos would upgrade Nebula by cutting the limbs off and replacing the parts with cybernetic implants to make her Gamora’s equal. Nebula grew to resent Gamora for never letting her win causing Thanos to torture her. In Guardians of Galaxy Vol.2, After the heroic battle between the sisters. It leads to an emotional scene where Nebula breaks down.

Everyone thought she was the bad guy the whole time. But we realize that actually, she’s the one who (in a lot of ways) is the victim in the relationship. With Nebula and Gamora hatred of Thanos is more than anyone in the universe, will they play a key role in bringing down his terrifying father?

8. Wakanda

Black Panther being in the last movie that MCU released before the Avengers Infinity war, shows that Wakanda people and its king are going to play a vital role in the fight against Thanos. Wakanda being hidden in its advanced society and technologies for centuries, King T’Challa (Black Panther) decides to aid any country that needs their help. Shuri (King T’Challa sister) being the brain behind all the Wakanda’ s scientific advancements, as we see her along with Bruce Banner in Avengers Infinity War Trailer. She may have her first encounters with the mind of Banner is going to be fruitful and delightful.

wakanda top10khoj

Wakanda is being an only society with advanced techs and well trained fierce warriors. Avengers have chosen Wakanda as the main battlefield against Thanos and his outriders. The trailer has shown Thanos’s outriders swarming towards Wakanda hints us that Black Panther would have offered to hide Vision’s Mind Stone in his technologically advanced African Nation.

7. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange took a strange way by trapping himself in a time loop with Dormammu in the Dark Dimension to save the earth. Thanks to his photographic memory and insane bravery, he saved us once from Dormammu. But him being the only line of defense against any magical and interdimensional threats. With Thanos arrival to earth, we all are looking forward to seeing the kind of stunt he is going to pull this time. With Time Stone in his possession, he looked wiser in Thor: Ragnarok movie making sure there is peace maintain in the earth.

doctor strange top10khoj

In Trailer, it reveals that Doctor strange getting torture by Ebony Maw – a member of Black order (Five of Thanos children forming a team) with giant translucent spikes. We will have to wait and see how he is going to defeat the odds in front of him. Fun Facts: In the comics, Ebony Maw actually controls the doctor’s mind and tricks him into unknowingly betraying his allies(though its comics, we are not sure about the movie). With Thanos arrival, is Doctor Strange is really ready to help and guide avengers saving humanity against Thanos?

6. Guardians of Galaxy

Universal’s most badass villain is going to get hands on the infinity stones. Of course Guardians of Galaxy team which contains a half human-half demigod (alias Star-Lord), Gamora (fierce assassin), Drax (The Destroyer), Mantis (the antenna girl), Rocket Raccoon (The idea guy), Groot (I’m Groot) are going to try and stop Thanos.

With their knowledge of the vast galaxy, they will have a huge role in stopping Thanos from doing any serious damage to the earth. Drax will be having some real face to face fight against Thanos. As reiterated in some leaked footage from the movie, Drax saw his family killed on orders from the villain. With Gamora having insights of Thanos plan, Guardians of Galaxy have to work with earth’s mightiest heroes – Avengers.

guardians of galaxy top10khoj

As trailer revealed – already Tony stark and Star-Lord having a conversation about who will make the plans for battle against Thanos. With likely childish attitude of them. Well, we will have to wait and watch, how they are going to work together in defeating Thanos. Yeah! Yeah! We also have the same excitement to watch young Groot and Rocket in action. We don’t want to know what is their story or anything, just waiting to see those two steal the show!!! I’M GROOOTTT!!!!

5. Team Captain America

As we all know, In Captain America: Civil War broke our hearts by breaking the Avengers in two groups each siding with Captain America and Iron Man. While we all were wondering when they are going to reunite together and get to see them in action, yup! It’s about time… Thanks to Mightiest Villain Thanos.

The Avengers are going to reunite and kick him out of the world. It may be vice versa can happen too. Black Widow – The new looks of her with blonde hair and a pair of electrified batons that combine into a staff. She is getting sportier from movie to movie. After Avengers Age of Ultron, she is getting paths cross with the Hulk alias Bruce Banner. We may also expect some lover’s quarrel. team captain america top10khoj

Winter Soldier – Captain’s best childhood friend and the only closest thing left to his old self. After he lost the hand due to a rage of Tony Stark. He has been taken to Wakanda to remove his devil side that is loyal to Hydra. In MCU movie post-credit scene, he was seen in Wakanda with one hand, and he was named as “White Wolf”. Now though he is back as cap’s old Becky, he is going to fight alongside Captain America against Thanos. Falcon – He is off the grid with Captain America after the events of Captain America: Civil War. He was seen in the battle against Thanos with Captain and Wakanda warriors.

4. Team Iron Man

Avengers was something more important for Tony Stark aka Ironman. Even after the tragic events that happened with Steve Rogers aka Captain America in Civil War, he decided to keep the Avenger Initiative idea. War Machine – After the critical injury in the Civil War where Vision accidentally blasted him while aiming for the falcon in Civil War battle.

There is a lot of tension around his character; it is still not clear about the role of Avengers Infinity War. Spider-Man – Peter Parker a high school superhero recruited and mentored by Tony Stark in Civil War, Who have now turned down the opportunity to become part of Avenger Team and become the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is seen fighting alongside Avengers with modern tech suit (probably a Wakanda tech suit.

team iron man top10khoj

Vision – He being with mind stone on his forehead makes him a huge target for Thanos. Thanos will somehow want to get hands on that mind stone. Vision with some special superpowers, still trying to figure out what really is mind stone and what it’s doing it to him. Though his love for scarlet witch is going to be a lovely treat for us. It also revealed in the trailer, Thanos ripping off Mind Stone from Vision’s head. Fingers Crossed.

3. Hulk & Thor

After Hulk smashed everyone he saw, including Thor in Thor: Ragnarok, he is on the journey to earth with Thor. Hulk is the most powerful Avenger. And Bruce Banner is one of the genius guys in Avengers. It is going to be a competition between who likes which character. In Infinity war trailer, Bruce Banner is also the only character glimpsed in both New York City and Wakanda, making it seem like he will be playing a crucial role in the plan to defend the planet and the Infinity Stones from Thanos. Bruce will be meeting Black Widow after Age of Ultron. He must be wondering how to explain his absence to her. And what else!?- aren’t we all are waiting to watch Thanos feeling the rage of The Strongest Avenger. Hulk Smash!! 

hulk and thor top10khoj

The story of Thor is more tragedy one that of others. He lost his Dad (Odin). Then lost his mom. Then lost his Hammer. His Girlfriend dumped him (Jane). He lost his home in the event of saving Asgardians, And he lost his battle with his own sister. After all these tragic incidents took place in his life. He is on the journey towards earth, hoping to make it as the new home for Asgardians. While Loki also travels with Thor to earth. They may not be welcome, because as everyone knows about Loki’s attempt at invading the earth with Thanos army.

In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor will be interrupted by Thanos ship in the middle of the journey to the earth. As it revealed in the trailer, Thor may have been in search of his hammer replacement along with rocket and Groot. Thor made up his mind that earth is going to be the new home for Asgardians. And Thanos trying to destroying half of the earth. Thor will be showing his new power as King of gods to Thanos.

2. Captain America & Iron Man

After an ugly fight between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War. Starks feelings have been hurt because the captain chose the side of the person who killed his parents. Steve having no option other than that saving Bucky (Winter Soldier), because he was his best friend and would have done the same for him. With Iron-Man’s dream of seeing his friends dead and he didn’t do much to stop it – feel made him create a monster Ultron and created the Vision in the process with help of Banner and Thor.

The day he dreamed about is here, Thanos is here. As always Tony doesn’t get bullied, he bullies other people. Of course, Tony will come up with cool toys and make Thanos feels why did he mess with Avengers in the first place. Still, Thanos is one of the top 5 unbeatable villains of all time, Stark has lots of works to do. Probably his suit will be made out of vibranium with Wakanda Technology.

captain america & iron man top10khoj

After the intense fight between Stark and Rogers, Tony Stark said to Captain Rogers: “That shield doesn’t belong to you. You don’t deserve it! My father made that shield!”. Being the man of principle Steve understands Tony’s anger and he drops the shield. He walked away taking his friend Bucky to Wakanda in a hideout. After that, he broke out his loyal mates from maximum security prison, who were kept there for taking sides with Captain Rogers. In recent sneak peeks, we have seen Captain with the beard and new shield fighting Thanos fist to fist, which kind of gave everyone a Goosebumps. Will Iron Man put aside his emotions and join with his old buddy Captain to crush Thanos and his ruthless ambitions??

1. Infinity Stones

Entire MCU world revolves around Infinity Stones. What are these Infinity Stones and why all MCU villains are want to get hands-on Infinity Stones? The story is that the remnants of the six singularities that existed in the universe prior to the Big Bang – Space, Time, Reality, Mind, Power, and Soul. We have been slowly learning about all of them in Marvel Studios’ movies for years’. We have seen before every other bad guy tries to get hands on one Infinity Stones. But Thanos the all mighty Villain is working on collect all of the stones into the Infinity Gauntlet and possess the powers and take over the entire universe and making a balanced universe.

infinity stones top10khoj

Space Stone AKA Tesseract: Space Stone is first infinity to stones to appear in MCU movies in Captain America: The First Avenger. A glowing cube. Space stone opens up wormholes in space making possible instantaneous travel between any two points in the universe. It also can be used to develop powerful weaponry. In Avengers, Loki used it open wormholes and make way for Chitauri army to invade earth on behalf of Thanos and got defeated by Avengers by killing Chitauri mothership with a nuke bomb.

Thor took to Asgard’s armory after stopping Loki’s invasion.  At the end of Thor: Ragnarok, Loki saw the Tesseract in Asgard’s armory. Yeah, of course, he would have already stolen it from there, he is God of Mischief remember? Now along with Loki, Space stone is on the journey towards earth.

Mind Stone AKA The Scepter: At first, we didn’t know Loki’s scepter (glowing blue gem) is actually one of the infinity stone.  It does have incredible power, which Loki had, an incredibly cool way of using those powers like Loki’s zappy powers, ability to manipulate minds which he made wiser Hawkeye bow under him. After from hands of Loki, it is sitting on the forehead of Vision now. And he has a different way of using mind stone power.

Reality Stone AKA The Aether It was first seen in Thor: The Dark World, it doesn’t exactly look like stone instead it’s a thick red liquid that sends out tendrils. The Reality Stone alters reality, by converting matter to dark matter. After Thor killed Malekith and for safekeeping, he gave it to “Collector” who collects lots of ancient stuff.

Power Stone AKA The Orb In Guardians of Galaxy, a silver spherical rock-thing was shown but later in the movie, it was revealed the Orb split’s open and there was a stone inside. “The stone reacts to anything organic, the bigger the target, the bigger the power surge.”  “All Ronan has to do is touch the stone to the planet‘s surface and zap, all plants, animals, Nova Corps…”Everything will die.” This is how Gamora and Star-lord explained this stone. After the defeat of Ronan, the stone was stored in the Nova Corps Headquarters vault. It remained peacefully untouched for three years until the events of Infinity War.

Time Stone AKA The Eye of Agamotto Almost everyone knows about Time stone because of Doctor Strange’s strange way of using its power and made Dormammu give up on acquiring earth into darkness. As we all seen, Time Stone can the person to control time – to speed it up, to slow it down, reverse it or create time loops. Now it is lying around the neck of Doctor Strange.

Soul Stone The only stone has been not revealed yet in MCU, it is an orange stone which is bigger than all other infinity stones and fit on the back gauntlet. As to Marvel comics, it grants its owner the ability to do mystical things trap souls in an artificial existence, see into a person’s soul. Yeah, you guessed right too! Wakanda! In Black Panther movie, heart-shaped flower grants the ability to commune with the dead.

That’s our Top 10 facts about Infinity war. Let us how you liked our article. Your feedbacks are valuable to us.

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