Top 10 WWDC 2018 Announcements Which Actually Matters

WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is Apple’s annual event in which they showcase their all new products and software which will release to consumers. This year the conference is all about the software no hardware release. There is a lot of announcements made and we have shortlisted some of the best which actually matters to users. So, let’s check out our Top 10 WWDC 2018 announcements which actually matters to users.

10. Security And Privacy

wwdc 2018 privacy settings top10khoj

Recently, we have heard a lot about the Data protection, that our personal data are stolen from us and selling to other companies for marketing. Apple is taking action in this matter by changing Safari’s privacy setting. Craig Federighi stated that the websites which have comments field can track your personal information. Even if you do not click on it. So whenever you want to interact with these fields or these field trying to access your information. There is a pop-up come into Safari for the permission. Now you can decide whether you want to move further or not.

9. WatchOS 5

watchos 5 top10khoj

The latest watchOS 5 brings many welcoming features. If you are persons who use apple watch as their fit tracker. There is a new feature in which you can create a 7 days’ competition. Also directly challenge to your friend to join the competition from your watch. Auto workout detection is also now available for the persons who start their workout and forget to start in the watch.

watchos 5 walky talky

There is a new interactive mode is introduced in the latest version. Like, say to contact your friend from your Apple watch, you start placing a call or write a text message to your friend, no need to do that now. There is a mode like “walky-talky” through which just by a tap of a button you directly talk to your friend.

You can also see some notification changes like iOS 12. There is a newer layout to the notification in watchOS 5. In which you can now directly interact with your notification from theirs like quick reply and many more.

watchOS 5 siri shortcuts top10khoj

The Siri shortcuts are coming in iOS 12 will support Apple watch. All the most used and predictive phrases will appear on the watch face. Now there is no need to say “Hey Siri” before saying any command. Just raise your wrist and start saying.

8. Facetime

WWDC 2018 facetime top10khoj

Facetime is one of the core product of Apple. It is very popular and used by many users. And for some users it the reason to be in Apple’s ecosystem. They are updating Facetime with the main new feature called Group Facetime. Now you group Facetime up to 32 users at one time. For that, they have also created a newer layout. In which, videos of all the friends float on the screen and the video get a little large of the person who speaks at that time.

7. Apple Photos

apple photos for you top10khoj

There is a new tab is introduced in the Photos called “For You”. Well, sound a little familiar right? Because same “For You” Google already introduced in Google Photos. Okay, let’s not start the Google and Apple discussion that who is better. But it is a useful feature and benefits the user. It’s win-win for everyone. And indeed it is.

They also used AI in their new Photos app. Now it can show you featured an image of the day in “For You” tab. Also, suggest your actions like to loop your older live photo or put to effects on a particular image to make it better. It creates a group of the place which you and your friend went together. Once you tap it, it will show you all the images. And also suggest you share these photos with your friend by recognizing your friend’s faces.

6. Memoji

wwdc Memoji top10khoj

One of the cool features that iPhone X got was “Animoji”. And now it is getting cooler with the newer update. This Animoji is so good and accurate in detecting your reaction because of the Apple’s face detection sensors, which they use in FaceID as well. And now in this newer update, it can also detect your tongue. You can now do even funnier things using your tongue, also introduced 4 new Animoji in the update which is Ghost, Cuala, Tiger, and T-recks.

wwdc 2018 memoji top10khoj

A player new in this all emoji game is called “Memoji”. It is a kind of similar Samsung’s “AR emoji” but they are only using the front facing camera for that. But Apple did it well because of all the face detection sensors. It looks more close to a real-life person. And you can also customize it by various of options.

5. Shortcut App

wwdc shortcut app top10khoj

Siri, Apple’s personal assistant also get some features but still wouldn’t be enough to compete with Google’s Assistant. This Shortcut app is now helping to understand and perform certain tasks just by saying a single phrase. They are already preloaded shortcuts and you can also create your custom one. For example, when you leave your office. You do the same regular things every day. For that, you can create a shortcut and assign all the functions like open the map, send a message to your wife “leaving from office”, tune to some radio station and set all this in a shortcut and set your custom phrase. Now you just need to say that phrase to Siri and it will perform all the tasks for you.

4. Do Not Disturb & Screen-time

apple do not disturb top10khoj

All the big companies are not just innovating new technologies to make user experience. But also taking care of your Digital life. Google also addresses this problem through Digital Wellbeing in Google I/O 2018. Apple also doesn’t want to lose any ground on this. And for that, they have revamped there Do not disturb mode. Because you can strict yourself for not using your phone during sleep time. But you can’t stop others bother you. This new Do not disturb is very helpful for that. Once you turn it on, it restricts all the notification to appear on the lock screen and turn it black. When you turn it off it will show you all the notification which you have missed.

apple screentime top10khoj

Apple now even want to tell you how addictive you are with your phone through this new feature called Screen-time. In your widget area, you’ll get a weekly activity summary. It will tell you how you used your iPhone. How many times you have unlocked your phone in an hour, how much time you have in an app. You can create usages limit for a particular app. So when you are using an app and your time limit exceeds it will you a notification that your time is almost up.

3. ARKit 2.0

wwdc ARkit 2.0 top10khoj

Apple started a new era of Augmented Reality or AR last year and the device which have all the cool AR features was iPhone X. This year WWDC Apple announced its updated version which is ARKit 2.0. This newer version will be going to take things further. To enhance its power, they introduced a file format called USDZ.

You can use this format on the platform like in iMessage, Safari, Piles app etc. You can also place this object in the real world. Craig Federighi demonstrated this in the event very well. He used this to customize a guitar in a shopping website. And then using AR mode placed it on the table.

wwdc measure app top10khoj

Using this latest ARKit 2, they have created an App called Measure App. Using this app, you can measure any object in real-time. Like, say there is a building in a street, you can directly open your app pin both start and end point of the building and it will show you height.

wwdc shared experience top10khoj

Games can also take advantage of this AR Kit 2 and they are calling Shared Experience. In which, you can play AR games with your friend in different devices and have the same experience like you are playing in real life. It can connect up to 4 players at one time.

2. MacOS Mojave

Apple’s latest macOS called “MacOS Mojave” announced in WWDC. They are naming it over the Mojave Desert which in North America. Last years, macOS High Sierra was totally a performance upgrade. There were no visual changes to the OS. But with MacOS Mojave they are not just focusing on performance, they are also making some visual changes.

wwdc macos top10khoj

Dark mode is the new visual changes which you can find in MacOS Mojave. With this dark mode, you can turn everything into completely dark, not just the status and dock but all the menus and every layout. They are also releasing API for developers to design their app compatible with the dark mode.

macos mojave stack top10khoj

MacOS Mojave also introduced a handy feature for persons who keep all their work files on Desktop and make it messy, and finds it hard to look for that same file. So for this, there is a new feature called Stack. Like the stack which we use in the downloads folder in the dock. By this, it bundles all the files into one depending on the kind, date created and others.

macos mojave gallerylook top10khoj

They have added a new view tab in the finder called Gallery view. It will be especially helpful for the images. Directly shows all the information about the image in the sidebar. You can also do basic editing like rotating an image etc. in that sidebar.

They have also made an enhancement to the Quick Look. Now you can directly use a markup tool in the quick look. As Craig Federighi shows in the event like, there is a PDF file, you can directly edit it on them markup and put your signature on a file. They are also making Screenshot option powerful. Once you take a screenshot you’ll see a thumbnail in the right bottom corner. When you click it you’ll get access to all the tools to edit it in theirs. And now you can also take video screenshots.

1. iOS 12

One of the biggest WWDC 2018 announcements is the iOS 12. Apple launches various new and some of the updated features in this version. The great thing about being part of Apple’s ecosystem is you’ll never feel leftover. 81% of iPhone is running on the latest iOS version which 6% for Android.

wwdc iOS 12 top10khoj

With iOS 12 Apple is not planning to leave their older iPhones. Even they are optimizing the software to improve their performance. Craig Federighi Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering stated that they are focusing to make an iPhone user experience amazing from older to the latest iPhone with this latest software. They are optimizing software in a way that apps will open Up to 40% faster, the keyboard will open Up to 50% faster and the camera slide to open will get Up to 70% faster.

iOS 12 groupnotification top10khoj

Finally, after a long wait, Apple redesigned their mess notification system, this was the worst part of iOS before. Like you wake up in the morning and you’ll see tons of notification and then scroll and scroll and after getting irritated dismiss all and missed the important ones. In iOS 12 they are introducing grouped notifications. Notifications will get grouped according to the app, threat, and topic. And by, swipe you’ll find to control. You can also manage notifications from the lock screen itself. Like do you want to see notifications from this particular app or not.

That’s our Top 10 WWDC 2018 announcements which actually matters. What do you think? Are these announcements are good enough to be on the Top or are simple works to compete with Google. Let us know in the comments what do you think of it.

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